Dil Bechara (Title Track) A R Rahman Chords for Guitar and Piano with lyrics and Strumming pattern.

Song: Dil Bechara
Movie: Dil Bechara
Singer: A R Rahman
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music Label:Sony Music India

Scale: D Minor

Tempo: 105

Chords Used:
Dm F
Am A
C Gm

Strumming: D chuck D chuck

Dil Bechara ( A R Rahman) Guitar and Piano chords with Lyrics:


(Dm) (Gm) (A) (Dm) (Gm) (A)


(Gm)Dil bec(Dm)hara
(Gm)Friend zone ka (Dm)maara

D(Gm)il bechara(Dm)
(Dm)Friend zone ka maa(F)ra(C)
(C)Friend zone ka m(Gm)aara

K(Dm)oi toh bata(Am) de kya (Gm)karun(Am)
Ko(Dm)I bata de ky(Am)a karun(Gm) (Am)
D(Gm)il becha(Dm)ra
F(Am)riend zone ka maa(Gm)ra (Am) (Gm)

(Music Part)

(Dm) (Am) (Gm) (Am) (Dm) (Am) (Gm) (Am)
(Dm) (Am) (Gm) (Am) (Dm) (Am) (Gm) (Am)


(Dm)L mein joda OV(Am)E
Maine toh lo(Bb)ve love love(C) hi kiya(F) (A)
(Dm)Usne joda IKE
Mere ko li(Bb)ke like like(C) hi ki(F)ya(Asus4)


D(Gm)il becha(Dm)ra
F(Gm)riend zo(Am)ne ka maa(Bb)ra (A)

Oh baby (Am)yaad hai mujhe
(Am)Tera birthday day day
(Am)Tera birthday day day day

Tu h(Gm)ar saal mera birthday
Bhul bhul(Am) bhul jaye ro(Dm)z (Bb)
Tere ca(F)ll ki main r(Am)aah dek(Dm)hun(Bb)
Tu sm(F)s bhi na k(C)are

T(Dm)u mu(Bb)jhe miss(F) bhi na kare (Am)
Ky(Dm)un mu(Bb)jhe miss(F) bhi na kar(C)e
K(Gm)yun? (F)


D(Gm)il bec(Am)hara (Dm) (Gm)
F(Bb)riend zo(Am)ne ka maar(Dm)a

D(Gm)il be(Am)chara (Dm)
(Dm)Friend zone ka maar(F)a
(C)Friend zone ka maa(Gm)ra