Here is chords progression of song ‘A L I E N S’ from Coldplay’s Album Kaleidoscope EP.

Song : A L I E N S
Album : Kaleidoscope EP
Band : Coldplay
Produced by :  Rik Simpson, Daniel Green, Bill Rahko 
Lyrics : Brian Eno, Will Champion

Chords Used :

Am Em

Strumming Pattern : D D DUDU

A L I E N S – Coldplay Lyrics and Chords :


(Am) (C) (Em)
(Am) (C) (Em)

(Verse 1)

We were (Am)just about to lose our (C)home
Diamonds (Em) ate the radio
Mov(Am)ing in the dead of ni(C)ght (Em)
We took photo(Am)graphs just some just so
(C)History has some to (Em)know
We were (Am)moving at the speed of (C)flight (Em)


Kids (Am)cry
If you want (C)to
That’s al(Em)right
(Am)If you want (C)to
(C)Hold me
Hold me (F)tight (G) (Em)


Just an (F)alien (G) (Em)

(Am) (C) (Em) (Am) (C) (Em)

(Verse 2)

We were (Am)hovering without a home
(C)Millions are (Em)UFO
(Am)Hovering in hope some scope (C)tonight(Em)
(Em)Sees the light and says


(Am)Fly if you want(C) to
That’s al(Em)right
(Am)But if you want to
(C)Call me
(Em)Call this (F)line(G) (Em)


Just an (F)alien (G) (Am)
Just an (F)alien (G) (Am)
Oh, we (F)just want to (G)get home (Am)again

(Am) (Em) (F) (Am) (Em) (F)


(Am)Tell your leader
(Am)Sir or ma’am
(C)We come in peace
(Em)We mean no harm
(Am)Somewhere out there
(Am)In the unknown
(C)All the E.T.’s (Em)are phoning home
(F)Watching my (G)life
(Em)On the skyline
(F)Crossing your (G)eyes
(Am)For a lifetime


Just an (F)alien(G)
(Em)Moving target
(Em)Target movement
A (F)patch, a (G)corner
(Am)Of the spacetime
Just an (F)alien (G)
(Em)Turning toward it
(Em)Turning pages
(F)Over (G)Asia
(Am)Crossing ages
(Am)Just an (F)alien(G)
(Em)Oh, we (F)just want to (G)get home (Am)again
(F) (G) (Em)
(F) (G) (Am)